About Us

Bitcoin Hardware was created to help individuals easily and safely take custody of their bitcoin.

We do this by providing self-custody equipment and resources at affordable prices, supported with free educational videos and materials documenting best practices.

What Inspired Us?

Bitcoin Hardware was started to meet a vastly under-met need for individuals to understand the importance of not only holding your own keys using open-source hardware and software. Hopefully running and broadcasting transactions on self-hosted nodes.

We are inspired by the simplicity of bitcoin. Taking time to understand and use it the way it was originally intended to be used avoids many of the pitfalls and complications that come with handing over custody of your bitcoin to an exchange, or using pseudo-random keys generated by centralized companies such as Ledger of Trezor.

While we do intend on sell these hardware devices, we want to do so while also providing the education on the associated risks.

Intellectual Property

We do not believe in keeping intellectual property on our designs and so we make public and provide resources on the hardware designs for the equipment we create, as well as links to where you can get all the products we sell directly from other suppliers.

Our goal is to support the individual using and storing bitcoin to the best of our ability over time.

Who Is Bitcoin Hardware

Bitcoin Hardware is built primarily on the resources and projects from passionate hard-wroking bitcoiners over the past 14 years. Because of this, the majority of the profits are put back into local projects. We are also grateful to have the collaboration of so many people and organizations building on freedom and economic sovereignty for all.

In 2023 21% of NET profits will be donated to Seedsigner for their continuing development of open-source software.